First of all, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience BCH’s live seminars, keynotes or workshops– you know why companies, schools, organizations, federal or state agencies continue to bring us back again and again! The feedback is always off the charts, word of mouth is apparent because of the demand from employees and students, and most importantly, the quantifiable results are evident in each testimonial by our very clients (listed on this website) and thousands of participants. Our information and delivery are unmatched in the industry and have been referred to as “best-in-class”.

BCH offers award winning, financial wellness training for workforce and student populations leveraging more than 40 years of financial wellness expertise and program development experience. Our 21st Century financial literacy/wellness training exposes, educates, and empowers employees, pre-retirees, students, parents, and alumni. We use proprietary, evidenced-based technology, resources, and research to meet and reach each audience member where they are financially. Central to our cause is shaping Public Policy to create measurable outcomes that improve the financial health of everyone. Financial readiness and fitness is an attitude that we inspire our participants to attain!

All programs and services are strictly educational with no fiduciary liability. All products are proprietary, comprehensive, user-friendly, interactive, and applicable to everyone, regardless of their current financial knowledge. Each program is custom built to fit the needs and environment of our clients.

Programs and services consist of our signature Destination: Financial Wellness Toolkit, seminars, workshops, eLearning training, personal coaching, blogging and FinTips (monthly newsletter). Other products include 12-Month Financial Wellness Planners for high schools, colleges/universities, and postgraduate students. Our post-graduate program, Exit Strategy, not only meets, but exceeds the federal requirement to provide a debt management program for all students graduating with student loan debt.

In the end, BC Holdings doesn’t just seek to provide participants with a warm and fuzzy programs. Our goal is to empower and equip them with the tools to apply to everyday life. We want to transform wealth building from a hope and dream to a tangible and attainable lifestyle through balanced abundance. Our practical products and services have been transforming lives for almost two decades by empowering companies, schools, training organizations, government entities and nonprofit organizations to build a more mission-ready, productive, confident and efficient workforce and student body through financial wellness.

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