BCH’s Core Competencies include:

  • Delivering Impactful and Unmatched Financial Wellness Trainingcompetencies2
  • Effective and Innovative E-Learning Engagement Platform Training
  • Creating Financial Plans for New Hires, Mid-Career and Pre-Retirees and Students
  • Maintaining Security Clearances (government, public and private industries)
  • Credit Score Restoration and Credit Report Maintenance
  • Reading and Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scoring
  • Protection from Security Breaches and Identity Theft
  • Professional Development—Leadership Skills, Conflict Management, Coaching and Dealing with Difficult People
  • Product and Curriculum Development
  • Creating Balanced Abundance During Earning Years and Through Retirement

What are BC Holdings differentiators?
What sets their products, services and benefits apart from the field of financial readiness educators?


BC Holdings is very different from plan providers such as BlackRock, Fidelity, VanGuard and TIAA-CREF. Unlike these firms and others, BC Holdings covers the TOTAL range of personal financial wellness using BCH’s 5 Components of Financial Wellness. In the end, BCH doesn’t replace the educational opportunities provided by these firms but enhances them. In many cases, participation in workplace retirement plans increases after participants complete our workshops and programs. Topics include…

1. Building Wealth
2. Securing Wealth
3. Protecting Income
4. Life Planning
5. Hiring Your Team

Another notable difference is that plan providers are fiduciaries and typically advise employees on retirement planning (their core competency). Plan providers are motivated to improve profits by increasing employee participation in company retirement accounts they manage. In contrast, BC Holdings’ only agendas are its business relationship with the client (the company) and the workplace readiness of our Wealth Builders’ (employees) through financial wellness.


Some companies provide retirement plan seminars for new hire, mid-career and pre-retirement employees. Although these sessions are informative, they typically do not address all aspects of building a comprehensive financial plan for the participant spanning from cradle to college, college to work, and work to grave. Our program provides a clear, executable path towards achieving financial freedom while living the lifestyle they dream about.


BC Holdings incorporates company benefits into workshops/seminars and personal coaching sessions tailoring the program to maximize results. This practice increases awareness and participation in company benefit packages while impacting retention. Many times, Wealth Builders are not aware of all benefits available to them. BCH ensures that the employee understands what you bring to the table and how it enhances their overall financial profile. Thus, BCH becomes a vital partner of your corporate team and employee financial fitness.


Unlike plan providers or other financial educators, BC Holdings does not sell products or services directly to the Wealth Builder (employee). Our sales model is business to business. By eliminating the “sales driven” approach, clients and Wealth Builders alike truly appreciate and welcome BCH because we create an atmosphere of trust which ensures the effectiveness of our programs.


Every conversation, every communication with Wealth Builders is strictly confidential. Confidentiality is the bedrock of our program and is an important part of building trust and confidence in BC Holdings.


Building trust is very important to BC Holdings. Without trust between BC Holdings, our clients, and participants, there is no relationship. Creating an atmosphere of trust is a huge part of our value system, professional conduct and code of ethics.


BC Holdings’ products and services impact the mission-readiness, culture, and bottom-line of our client’s organizations and our Wealth Builders personal economies. Clients experience a more productive and goal-oriented workforce through proactive educational engagement programs and training. Employees, in turn, experience more confidence, less stress and the power of balanced abundance – enjoying a great lifestyle during their earning years while preparing for retirement.


BC Holdings strives to empower Wealth Builders to become knowledge rich so they can become financially rich (based on their definition). After all, knowledge is the new currency – it has the power to give your employees and students what they need to achieve and maintain financial fitness. What they know can make them money, and conversely, what they don’t know can take money from them. Financial education, from the words of our tens of thousands of Wealth Builders is “life changing”. Wealth Builders are able to build wealth the right way by living on a budget, decreasing debt, increasing savings, increasing workplace retirement and investments, and improving credit ratings. But most importantly, balanced abundance is achieved with an eye on today’s lifestyle and tomorrow’s future.