BC Holdings’ business model is business to business. Addressable markets are:

BC Holdings’ total financial readiness and wellness programs are at work at companies of all sizes, in every region of the country and around the globe. BCH engages companies of all of sizes – small, medium, or large – as valued customers. Implementation is managed and housed by an array of departments and programs including Human Resources, Career Development, Training Offices, Wellness Programs, Lunch & Learns, Security, Company Meetings/Retreats/Conventions, Keynotes and so on. BCH programs include Destination Financial Wellness (DFW) -Online Financial Engagement Platform, Live Workshops, Monthly FinTips, Credit Restoration and Personnel Coaching Services.

The financial transition from student to employee is a very important area of need that requires a strategic focus and purposeful concentration in higher education and by employers. There is an inherent interconnectedness of student financial services as it relates to financial wellness (communications between support services, financial aid, the bursar’s office, career services and more) and the impact on college default rates, student’s preparedness, financial planning and wealth building. BCH offers a robust, well-rounded program designed to assist colleges and universities of all levels of learning with how to proactively address and solve these growing areas of concern. The need could not be higher with most undergraduate’s graduating with debt upwards of $30,000 in student loans and consumer debt. These numbers increase significantly in postgraduate and professional services programs.

High schools, more than ever, are in need of cost-effective, user-friendly programs that expose their student and staff populations to financial literacy and education. The world that awaits our leaders of tomorrow is shadowed with employment uncertainty, stagnant pay and minimal benefits packages. Roughly 70% of students graduating from high school enter college and approximately 45% of them graduate from college. Many ff those who drop out of college leave with debt. Many enter the workforce but are faced with lower paying jobs and debt weight. Financial literacy and education will improve, uplift, educate, empower, and prepare our students for the world that awaits them. BCH’s curriculum and evidenced-based program significantly improves these outcomes.

Training companies and organizations who seek curriculum-based programs, web-based, online training platforms, live seminars, workshops, speakers, and Financial Tips newsletters, have a found a willing and effective partner in BCH. Key areas and topics in our train-the-trainer packages include debt management, credit management, financial planning, total financial wellness, financial wellness toolkits, 12-Month Financial Wellness Planners (version depends on population), E-Coaching, facilitator guides and PowerPoint Presentations.

Federal, state and local government agencies, both large and small have significant financial readiness needs at all levels including civilian and military personnel. Personnel readiness inevitably leads to mission readiness. Government employees who carry a security clearance, are measured by a government regulation that has thirteen guidelines. One of the guidelines is financial considerations. Employees are evaluated on these guidelines to gain and/or maintain their clearances. Per the Department of Defense Secretary, the #1 reason employees lose their security clearances is financial considerations, excessive indebtedness and financial red flags. Financial concerns not only affect personnel readiness, but mission readiness and national security. When employees are stressed, production, performance, readiness, and employee health become a concern at the workplace. Everyday BCH provides comprehensive solutions to impact areas of concerns on all levels of government and relevant agencies.



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