Seventy-one percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. In other words, financial situations of seven out of ten individuals you know probably are one event away from a financial avalanche.

Where-Are-We-Going-Cover-PhotoThis means that of the twenty people with whom you work closely everyday (managers, supervisors, staff, laborers and admin), only six of them are free from thoughts and stress of how they are going to force ends to meet. The saddest revelation of all is that financial sickness has become defined as the norm. People expect, but are not prepared, to manage mountainous debt. Americans are becoming more and more financially sick and over extended.

The sickness spills over into every facet of their lives—work, home, recreation. This reality motivated a desire for change—for their employees, for themselves and for their children. BC Holdings presented an opportunity for a better life and set the stage for defining moments.